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0800 number to enable more Group 3 vaccination appointments

News from Ministry of Health
An 0800 number has been launched today, allowing people in group 3 who haven’t yet received an invitation to have their COVID-19 vaccination to make an appointment. Read more »

Health Board promises 27 more vaccination centres by the end of next week

News from CCDHB
Twenty-seven new vaccination centres will be opening this week and next week, based in medical practices in Wellington, Porirua and the Kāpiti Coast. Read more »

Waiting no longer

by Lindsay Shelton
Less than 24 hours after publication of Monday’s article about covid vaccination delays in Wellington, I received a text message with an invitation to book a jab. I was quick to respond. Read more »

Waiting to be vaccinated

by Lindsay Shelton
A consignment of 370,000 Pfizer doses arrived in New Zealand yesterday. But it’s hard to believe that this will do much to reduce the evident shortage of vaccines in Wellington, where our health board said two weeks ago it was preparing to vaccinate 200,000 people.
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Protecting the town belt (again)

by Helene Ritchie
The Wellington City Council wants to turn our Town Belt into an amusement park so that the city can be “revitalised.” If the council is successful, there will be nothing stopping a music festival, a beer festival, and a host of “vibrant” activities attacking our city’s most precious natural environment, in pursuit of the mighty dollar. Read more »

New virus outbreak is wake-up call

by Professor Graham Le Gros
The overwhelming effects on New Zealand’s paediatric emergency care from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) outbreak in New Zealand infants and the elderly is an important ‘wake up call’ of how vulnerable health systems are to serious infectious diseases that get into communities of susceptible people. Read more »

Authors beware

by Christine Dann
New Zealand authors beware – the National Library is establishing a precedent for breaching your copyright. Read more »

Real books vs pixels

by Christine Dann
The National Librarian Rachel Esson told us at the end of last month: “We are now in advanced discussions with an overseas digitisation partner.” Read more »

Car dependence, climate and community

tunnel 1927

by Roland Sapsford
The Wellington suburb of Northland in the 1970s was a far cry from what it is now. I had an after-high school job delivering groceries for the GHB store (like Four Square) that’s now a Burger Wisconsin. The owner Rua Harris (“Rua’s personal grocery service”) was a charming man and had customers all over the show. They rang in orders and then I (with one or two others) delivered them in an old CA Bedford van. Some of the older people loved our visits and would always have tea and biscuits for us. Deliveries took a long time some days. Read more »

Saving an 800-year-old tree

old rimu

by Helene Ritchie
Our little Fantl family gathered this week in Otari/Wilton Bush alongside a very tall female rimu, 800 years old, strong trunk, firm roots far into the ground, newly protected by a viewing platform for all to see. We were Michele, Dan, Ezra, Jonty, Ira, Carol – daughter-in-law, grandsons, son and nieces. Read more »