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A regional top ten

baby councillor

by Thomas Nash
Every day I feel a big sense of responsibility representing the Wellington region as an elected councillor. As we finish the year at the council, it’s a good time to look back at all the stuff we got done in 2021. Here are my top ten highlights. Read more »

Why old places matter

places of character

by Ben Schrader
Over the last 24 months, Wellington’s built heritage has come under a sustained attack that’s been confronting for those of us who value it. Heritage has become an emblem and scapegoat for range of city ills: unaffordable housing, restrictive and officious planning practices, poor health among renters, generational warfare, nimbyism, colonialism, and more. Read more »

Bringing Civic Square back to life

civic square perfect ex expedia
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by Andy Foster
Rejuvenation of Te Ngakau Civic Square as Wellington’s democratic and cultural heart is well underway. Over the next five years the beating heart of our city will progressively come alive as a vibrant public space of music, celebration, protest, relaxation and fun. Read more »

Open in 2020? No, not till 2022

sod turning trans gully-2

by Lindsay Shelton
It was in 2014 when Prime Minister John Key led these VIPs to a ceremony with shiny shovels, to start construction of Transmission Gully. It was going to take five years to build, at a cost of $850m. Read more »

Changing plans, rules, heights and rights

by Felicity Wong
Submissions on the Wellington draft District Plan closed yesterday. It was 1000 pages of draft rules, policies, guides and zoning. All dumped a month ago for Wellingtonians to get to grips with prior to Christmas and during periods of restriction of public and neighbourhood meetings. Read more »

The moving music school

by Lindsay Shelton
When plans for a national centre of music were announced seven years ago, it was to be on Civic Square, bringing new life to the centre of Wellington. Students would spill out on to the square, bringing life and music to the under-used space. Read more »

Green slime from multiple sewage leaks

sewage 1

by Kerry Wood
For six years in the 1990s I was the Wellington City Council’s Drainage Maintenance Engineer. More maintenance was clearly needed, but the manager’s objectives were effectively limited to minimising costs and obscuring problems. Read more »

Losing our heart

civic square from the air

by Helene Ritchie
Have I got this right? The Wellington City Council’s draft District Plan is proposing to remove the heritage listing protection of the heart of the city – Te Ngakau/Civic Centre, which is listed as a heritage area in the current District Plan. There’s also no regard for legal protection of the city’s two waterfront parks. Read more »

The real risk from sewage in Titahi Bay

by Michelle Laurenson
Yesterday’s claim that there is “very small risk” to the public from the latest sewage overflow into Titahi Bay is misleading, and such propaganda used by Wellington Water is extremely concerning. Read more »

Why more buses is wrong

A vigorous defence of why Wellington needs light rail has been posted by Nemo over on his eyeofthefish website. He doesn’t hold back: Read more »